The time for change is now - Epson SureColor S-Series

No matter where we go today, we are surrounded by printing media. As you walk around in malls, there will be print advertisements all around, competing for your attention. When we are waiting for the bus, there will be a big poster of an upcoming movie to entice us to watch it at the nearest cinema. There is not running away from it.

Digital inkjet large-format printing has been shaping the landscape around without us noticing it. For those who venture into the print and signage industry, the obvious way forward is to expand their existing fleet of machines. However, the more difficult question remains – which is the right machine for me?

Smart, savvy and strategic buyers are focused on both expanding beyond their existing service offerings, and quality prints at a reasonable price (after all, who needs great prints when it takes 10 years to reap your initial investment).

Media compatibility, low ownership cost and both indoor and outdoor commercial printing applications are some of the other important concerns when it comes to choosing the right printer. Arguably the best entry-level large format printer is the Epson SureColour S40670. With its 4-color configuration, it is an ideal printer for reliable, quality prints at a reasonable price.

Now, throw another printhead in the mix and crank up that speed by two times – you get the Epson S60670, the older brother of the S40670 on steroids. This printer pushes the limit of large-format printing production, with its dual CMYK printheads churning out prints at 310sqft/hr. All this, of course, with undeniable Epson-grade quality.

Finally, for those of you (or your clients) who have an outstanding eye for quality, who understands and appreciates amazing prints, and have colour critical needs, the Epson S80670 is the one for you. “Quality prints” have been redefined by this printer, and no quality print producer is complete without it. With its 10-colour configuration with an option of White or Metallic Silver, the S80670 offers the widest color gamut available, and a whopping 98.2% Pantone accuracy.

That being said, the Epson SureColour S-series printers will provide you with the upper hand in productivity and supercharge every process of your printing. You are making the right choice if Epson SureColour S-Series is on the top of your list!



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