We have rebranded!

Welcome to CASTECH!

We are a provider of professional large-format printing and signage equipment and supplies. Over the last four months, we have pushed our boundaries by dissecting our core values and reinventing ourselves. Our company has recently undergone a successful rebranding, to usher in an exciting age in our industry. This rebranding exercise has allowed us to appreciate how far we have come, and to be truly grateful for our clients. We sincerely hope that we have served you efficiently and have lived up to your expectations.

Here at CASTECH, we preach to our clients the value of keeping up with technology to stay relevant and competitive, therefore we have embraced e-commerce in our b2b business model. Clients can now purchase a wide variety of supplies, software and equipment from our website, easily and quickly. We are constantly on the prowl for exciting new technologies that will help our clients succeed, and that same culture will continue to influence the direction of CASTECH. Simply put, when we see innovations in print and signage, we will still have the enthusiasm of a kid on Christmas morning, and the expertise of a seasoned engineer.

To the next 25 years. 


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