UV - Docan UV S3200
UV - Docan UV S3200

UV - Docan UV S3200

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The Docan S3200 is a high precision 5.32m UV printer that is specially designed for flexible media including the most challenging PVC Ceiling film as it's installed with 4 rubber roller for media fixing. With its advanced all-steel Kyocera print head enables simple and easy care. The anti-blocking technology enables 3.5pl variable dot perfectly controlled at 1800 dpi and 2656 nozzles make the perfect combination of speed and quality.

Its double track mute guide rail/IGUS Germany towline ensures stable and high precision movement. With the advanced water cooling LED lamp, it reduces more than 60% energy consumption and fewer maintenance parts. The water-cooler platform help to reduce the heat impact for heat sensitive media. 


  • Excellent ICC output control
  • Robust components 
  • Special printing solution for Ceiling film 
  • R2R System
  • Green Technology
  • Support Multi Roll Print 
  • Multiple Ink Options