Lijie MW 1325 ATC
LiJie MW 1325 ATC

Lijie MW 1325 ATC

The Next Generation Of CNC Routers

The LiJie MW 1325 ATC is the next generation of CNC routers aimed in enhancing the safety, accuracy, efficiency, and performance of the standard CNC routers. With the innovation design for a heavy-duty router with automatic tool changing system, LIJIE MW 1325 ATC helps to reduce user intervention during a job. 

 The gantry is designed specially for small machine footprint. Its made of a heavy steel 150mm x 200mm hallows sections with internal stiffeners. The gantry has been engineered to provide a smooth, minimum vibration during cutting. LIJIE MW 1325 ATC’s base frame is single structure welded. Its steel structures are reinforced with bracing as to prevent skew and eliminates vibration.

Model MW 1325 ATC 
Table Size (XY) 1270mm x 2540mm
Travel (XYZ) 1290mm x 2560mm x 150mm
Column Space 1738mm
Z-Axis Clearance 150mm
XY Cutting Speed 25m/min
Z Cutting Speed 20m/min


(24000RPM, Collet ER32)

Tool Changer & Tool Calibrator Linear Automatic Tool Change with 6 tools & Automatic Tool Calibrator Block
Motor Drive

All servo drive (CHINA)


Vacuum table with 4 manual zone


5KW Vacuum Pump

Power Three Phase 380v/415
Overall Size 4130mm x 2254mm x 1600mm
Weight 1500kg
Controller  EZ CNC Keypad


Product Brochure
Read the full specifications here.