LIJIE - External Drying System
LIJIE - External Drying System

LIJIE - External Drying System

Prefect for heavy printing 

External drying system specially designed for Epson Surecolor S60670, S60670L, S80680, S80670L consists of 6 pieces of AC fan and 2 pieces of infrared heater. Heating temperature and fans speed can be adjusted accordingly. It is ideal for printing roll to roll with heavy ink like backlit or white. It also helps to dry up ink for immediate lamination.


  • infrared Heater 1 row 2 tubes
  • Heater Temperature: 30~110 which are adjustable
  • Blower: 6 pieces of 5" AC Fan with adjustable fan speed
  • Effective Width: 1600mm / 64 inch
  • Fitting: Epson S60670, S60670L, S80670. S80670L
  • Power rate: 1500 W
  • Voltage: 240V (7 Amp)
  • Gross Weight:12 KG

Product Brochure
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