Large Format Direct-To-Garment ( DTG ) Printer - Epson SC F3030
Large Format Direct-To-Garment ( DTG ) Printer - Epson SC F3030
Large Format Direct-To-Garment ( DTG ) Printer - Epson SC F3030
Large Format Direct-To-Garment ( DTG ) Printer - Epson SC F3030
Large Format Direct-To-Garment ( DTG ) Printer - Epson SC F3030
Large Format Direct-To-Garment ( DTG ) Printer - Epson SC F3030

Large Format Direct-To-Garment ( DTG ) Printer - Epson SC F3030

True Embodiment of Precision & Efficiency

Bring a new level of productivity and efficiency to your printing business with the all-new SureColour F3030 industrial direct-to-garment printer. The first of its kind to meet the demanding needs of high-production print shops, the F3030 was built from the ground up to deliver professional-quality, one-pass prints at industrial-level speeds. Featuring automatic garment thickness adjustment, easy user maintenance features and a new dual 2.6" PrecisionCore® printhead, this innovative direct-to-garment printer maximizes productivity and reduces downtime for fast, cost-effective print production. Coupled with the first bulk ink system integrated into an Epson® direct-to-garment printer, the F3030 can produce a full-size t-shirt in moments, allowing print shops to print hundreds of shirts per day, all at a remarkably low cost of ownership.

Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT)
Print with a peace of mind with Epson's Nozzle Verification printhead technology. The NVT automatically checks the firing accuracy of the nozzles while in operation. Should there be any issues, Epson's Piezo technology will intuitively compensate and ensure high quality printing is maintained.

Auto Gap Adjustment

The Epson F3030's auto-gap adjustment accommodates garment thickness of up to 29.5mm by utilizing its sensors to detect the surface height and adjust accordingly, reducing operator errors.

Phenomenal Print Quality & Speed

Superior Quality Print
The Epson F3030 is highly reliable along with its outstanding print quality on a wide range of cotton-based textile. With a resolution of up to 1200 x 1200dpi, users can now ensure maximum customer satisfaction that exceeds all expectations.

Speedy Turnaround
The all new PrecisionCore Micro TFP printheads, allows the Epson F3030 to deliver fast yet solid quality prints on various types of garments. Achieving an ultra-fast print speeds of just 34 seconds on light garments & 52 seconds on dark garment, the F3030 enables businesses to fulfil large, yet quick-turnaround orders, advancing business owners ahead of the competition.

Gamechanger For Reliable, Uninterrupted Prints

Designed for durability and reliability, the Epson F3030 provides business owners with a greater peace of mind. In the unlikely event of technical difficulties, repairing is also made easy and fuss free, eliminating downtime caused by the simplest technical malfunctions.

Bulk Ink Solution
Incorporating Epson's Bulk Ink Solution with its 1.5L ink pouches is convenient and cost effective. With less frequent ink changes, enjoy improved productivity while reducing total cost of ownership. With a full-frontal access, ink pack replacement is now quick and easy.

Improved Maintenance
With an optimized large dust catcher, Epson's new carriage design reduces the risk of nozzle issues and the need for manual intervention, as a result, the frequency of production downtime is reduced. In addition, the improved user interface on the LCD display panel allows users to easily monitor key information such as ink levels, temperature, and humidity.

Self-Repair Function
Epson's User Self Repair function allows specific parts such as the printhead head to be easily replaced by end-users without the need for additional specific tools. This reduces waiting downtime and hassle, and a faster printer recovery which translates into higher productivity for business owners.

Epson Cloud Solution Part
A cloud based solution for Epson end users, the Epson Cloud Solution PORT allows easy printer fleet management by providing statuses of the connected printers and alerts for troubleshooting if required. Users can now easily identify and rectify the most urgent actions required with minimal disruption to printing operations.

Product Brochure
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