UV - Docan UV H1000
UV - Docan UV H1000

UV - Docan UV H1000

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The Docan H1000 is a high precision 4.82m UV printer that can achieve an outstanding capability to print down to 2point text with stunning clarity. The all-steel Ricoh Gen5 printhead can enable 7pl variable dot perfectly controlled at 1200 dpi. With its dual printhead, it can double up the speed to improve efficiency. 

To achieve efficient and accurate positioning of media, the flatbed table is equipped with registration pins. And its double track mute guide rail/IGUS Germany towline ensures stable and high precision movement. With the advanced water cooling LED lamp, it helps to reduce more than 60% energy consumption and fewer maintenance parts. The water-cooler platform help to reduce the heat impact for heat sensitive media. 



  • Excellent ICC output control
  • Robust components 
  • Registration Pins 
  • Green Technology
  • Support Multi Roll Print 
  • Multiple Ink Options