Wide Format UV Hybrid (2 in 1) Printer Docan FR3210TM
Wide Format UV Hybrid (2 in 1) Printer Docan FR3210TM
Wide Format UV Hybrid (2 in 1) Printer Docan FR3210TM
Wide Format UV Hybrid (2 in 1) Printer Docan FR3210TM

Wide Format UV Hybrid (2 in 1) Printer Docan FR3210TM

The wide-format Hybrid UV versatile printer


The Docan FR3210TM is an advanced wide-format UV hybrid printer. It features front and back extension tables for extended rigid and flexible media printing via a vacuum conveying system. It can print on Kapaline board, PVC, KT, poly-carbonate, acrylic, wood, MDF, aluminum, glass, tiles and more. Optional white ink is available for non-white surfaces and transparent materials. Light cyan and light magenta can be used to enhance print quality, plus an optional spot varnish channel is available. Various head configurations offer fast color printing, or color-white-color in one pass.


The Docan FR3210TM maximize the usage of one machine in limited space

  • The New generation, 3.2-meter hybrid roll to roll / flatbed convey belt drive system

  • Water-cooled LED UV lamps that give less heat and ideal for heat sensitive materials

  • Detechable Front/Back extension tables enable the machine to print on rigid materials

  • Convey belt media feeding system allows printing on extended length of rigid materials without limited to table size

  • The new designed convey belt drive system ideal for printing roll to roll and cut sheet flexible uncoated materials

  • Materials saving as convey belt drive do not need tensioning system

  • No stretching on soft elastic media with convey belt drive system

  • Automatic heads height adjustment for different thickness ( Max 50mm)

  • White Ink Circulation will constantly circulate between white ink tanks and ink sub tanks to prevent white ink sedimentation.

  • White ink option open up a wider scope of printing for users. With the white ink, you can direct print onto non-white surface or transparent materials and you can aalso create a special 3D embossed texture effect.

  • Enhance print quality with Light cyan, Light magenta, and Varnish (option)

  • Print resolution up to 726*2400 dpi

  • Productivity up to 68 Square meter per hour

  • Support simultaneously printing 2 rolls of 1.6M material

  • Carriage is driven with the most advanced Linear Motor (not belt system)

  • Metal Linear encoder and THK Linear Motion Guide is adapt to provide a very stable carrage motion for high quality print

  • Independent negative pressure controlled for white and color ink

  • Anti crash system installed on both side of the carriage to protect printheads

  • The printer come with an Anti-static device to reduce static of the substrate which causes clog on nozzles, distort nozzles firing and damage printheads

  • Adjustable negative pressure ink system that allows consistence ink pressure to the heads 

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