Large Format Resin Printer - Epson SC R5030
Large Format Resin Printer - Epson SC R5030
Large Format Resin Printer - Epson SC R5030
Large Format Resin Printer - Epson SC R5030

Large Format Resin Printer - Epson SC R5030


 Thanks to Epson’s UltraChrome RS ink, the SC-R5030 printer offer wide substrate support, making them the ideal choice for signages, pro-graphics printers, design agencies, wallpapers, canvases and commercial print houses. The odourless water-based ink enables the use of printed applications in sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals and hotels, as well as outdoor applications that require extreme durability.

  • Bulk Ink System with 1 sets of 1.5L ink packs for higher print volume run 
  • Epson’s first Large Format Printer with eco-friendly Resin printing technology  
  • High quality printing with colour consistency and stable printing  
  • Enhanced usability with down time reduction and continuous printing  
  • Top class reliability with high media feeding accuracy

More Information

Commitment to Eco-friendly Printing
Epson’s resin inks have an advanced ink chemistry. Eco-friendly and odourless, the water-based resin ink can be used on coated and uncoated substrates. Its quick-drying property allow for instant lamination and has a high scratch resistance. The introduction of resin ink improves the performance of both typical and high-value print signage applications, resulting in superior print quality.

The Benefits of UltraChrome Resin Ink
Epson's Water Based Resin Inks are Eco Friendly and have quick drying properties, which allows for instant lamination. In addition, it also has high scratch durability.

Print Across Wider Applications
Media versatility is important in the print industry, which is why Epson has incorporated a tension control mechanism to provide the perfect balance between tension and print performance. Experience quality printing for various applications, from wallpapers and canvases to POS displays and vehicle wraps.

Dries Quickly with High Scratch Durability

Due to the quick-drying property of our resin inks, instant lamination is now possible to reduce turnaround time.

UltraChrome RS Ink

Odourless with low VOC, Epson’s UltraChrome RS Inks enable reproduction of rich and vibrant colours across different applications as a result of its Optimiser Ink.

Vibrant and Astounding Prints
Image quality and aesthetics are key when it comes to print output. Spruce up your environment with nothing less than dynamic and captivating images that will bring any space to life.

Amazing Colour Consistency

Three independent heating stations, (preheat / platen heat / post-cure heat) paired with prolonged printhead life helps to ensure colour uniformity, adept media handling and colour consistency.

Optimiser Printing Method

By enabling separated printing between colour ink and optimiser, graininess, unevenness and bleeding are prevented to produce superior image quality.

Durability and Reliability
Reduce downtime, maximise uptime and improve productivity as Epson’s SureColor SC-R5030L printer allow for increased usage while providing longer shelf life.

Ultrasonic Detector and NVT

Epson’s SureColor SC-R5030L features an Ultrasonic Detector and NVT feature which prevents scratching of printheads and missing of nozzles. NVT also automatically detects nozzle condition and adjusts print quality should the nozzle be clogged.

Anti-dust Design

Built with an air circulation system and media cleaner. The air circulation system reduces printer failure by preventing dust and ink mist attaching on the sensors or driving mechanisms while the media cleaner removes more than 90% of fluff or dust on media surface.

Ease of Use
To empower continuous printing for enhanced efficiency, Epson’s SureColor SC-R5030L printer is developed with intuitive functions that are easy for users to operate.

User Replaceable Head*

Printers are designed for printheads to be easily replaceable, decreasing any potentiality of downtime.

Hot Swap Function

The hot swap function automatically switches and activates another ink cartridge for uninterrupted printing. This makes it especially useful in the event of unattended printing.

Bulk Ink supply system

With a high-capacity ink supply unit, continuous printing is enabled while empty cartridge wastage is reduced.


Product Brochure
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