Wide Format UV RTR ( Roll to Roll ) Printer Docan FR3200M

Wide Format UV RTR ( Roll to Roll ) Printer Docan FR3200M

Top-of-the-range industrial printer.

The Docan FR3200M is a 3.2m hybrid machine that replaces the roll-to-roll machines. With precise printing control achieved through adjustable tension settings, ensuring high quality at a fast rate. Edge-to-edge printing on soft film maximizes material efficiency. The independent front and rear take-up and feeding system can take up and feed one roll of 3.2m material, with the feeding and collecting roller eliminating wrinkles, deformation, and deviation. With an integrated light box, printing quality can be quickly and easily assessed.


  • Printing Size of 3.2m x unlimited
  • Belt-converying feeding system and vacuum suction
  • Head control of the temperature and Valtage control by Waveform
  • Operation Environment of a Temp. 20℃-28℃; Humidity 40%-60%
  • Power Supply of 50/60Hz 220V (10%) > 30A Single PHase
  • Dimention of 5120x1460x1530mm with a 1650Kgs

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