We understand that getting used to operating a new machine may take some time, and require support. Our technical team is committed to helping you maximize the full potential of your equipment - after all, a machine is only as good as its operator. 

Our technical experts will be onsite to conduct several sessions of training to ensure that your competency with the machine is sufficient. Our training timeline is not dependent on the number of lessons, but on your operator's level of mastery of the machine.

In every business, employees come and go - our industry is not immune either. Therefore we understand that there are times when clients require us to conduct re-training for their staff to reinforce existing knowledge, or to impart old skills to new staff. We are happy to transfer our expertise to enable your team to work more efficiently - better work skills means fewer services for us! 

Investing in print and signage technology is a big step and we are with you the whole way. Delivery of such machinery can be tedious, tricky and sometimes dangerous. Our team of technical specialists will be onsite to facilitate the safe delivery of your machine and carry out the full installation. The price of this peace of mind? Its already a part of the purchase of your machine. 


Having trouble with colour accuracy and consistency? Our colour experts are happy to help! Fully equipped with the latest colour-matching solutions such as the EIZO ColourEdge monitor and Barbieri colour measurement system, our colour experts will help you achieve the best colour possible. 



As a distributor of machines, we are equipped with both the hardware and the knowledge to produce quality prints in a variety of applications. However, as we do not wish to compete with the very clients that we want to see succeed, we do not typically accept print jobs. We do help some of our clients with print jobs, therefore all jobs received will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

To find out more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us here.