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Superior Print Quality, Even On Uneven Surfaces

Surpass client expectations to print in UV printing technology with the all new CASTECH UV69 MARK3. The printer is a photo level uv printer that boasts a print resolution of 2400dpi. The remarkable upgrade in uv printing capability is the result of utilising Xaar industrial print heads that are obtained from the UK.

Xaar Industrial Printheads
Xaar industrial printheads are trusted in the industrial markets around the globe as the most effective  way to lay down precise volumes of inks and fluids with absolute pin point accuracy time after time.Used in a wide range of manufacturing application including graphics, labelling, direct-to-shape, packaging, product decoration, ceramic tile decoration, decor, and outer case coding - as well as printing with specialist functional fluids for advanced manufacturing techniques.

Printing On Uneven Surfaces
With the Xaar print heads, the CASTECH UV69 MARK3 is able to print more accurately at from a higher point (up to 13mm) as compared to conventional uv printers (up to 3mm). As a result, the CASTECH UV69 MARK3 delivers the ability to print materials / substrates with minor uneven surfaces.

Printing Capability
Equipped with 3 print heads, the CASTECH UV69 MARK3 is able to print C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, white, and varnish all at once on a wide variety of surfaces.

The CASTECH UV69 MARK3 features:

  1. Intelligent Control Panel.
  2. High Speed Carriage With 3 Print Heads.
  3. Intelligent Ink Supply System.

The CASTECH UV69 MARK3 is able to print on a wide variety of surfaces including - glass, PVC, plastic, wood, acrylic, leather, canvas, photography paper, and more.

Product Brochure
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