LiJie MD 1325 ATC CNC Router

LiJie MD 1325 ATC CNC Router

When Reliability Meets Performance

With the innovation design of the dual ball-screw with driven nut, LIJIE MD 1325 ATC CNC Router Machine has high precision, speed and capability. It has a precise dimensional tolerance or fine engraving.

The LIJIE MD 1325 ATC offers an Auto Tool Changer (ATC) which come standard with the automatic tool calibration and tool change solution that is built into the CAM Software. Without compromising the speed and quality, the LIJIE MD 1325 ATC able to improve accuracy and reduce time with the automatic tool change solution. With the basic oil mister, it assists the acrylic and aluminum cutting to prolong bits life.

Gantry Design
The gantry is designed specially for small machine footprint. Its made of a heavy steel 200mm x 300mm hallows sections with internal stiffeners. The gantry has been engineered to provide a smooth, minimum vibration during cutting.

Drive Systems
For the X-Axis, it has a dual ball-screw with driven nut. And single ball-screw with driven nut for the Y-Axis. Its high precision 16mm ball-screw is supported by dual angular contact ball bearings in a steel housing on Z-Axis. All of it are servo motors. Equipped with 25 mm linear motion bearing profile.

Base Frame Structure
LIJIE MD 1325 ATC’s base frame is single structure welded. Its steel structures are reinforced with bracing as to prevent skew and eliminates vibration.


Product Brochure
Read the full specifications here.