UV Flatbed Printer CASTECH UV69 PLUS
UV Flatbed Printer CASTECH UV69 PLUS

UV Flatbed Printer CASTECH UV69 PLUS

Higher Clearance For Higher Productivity

The CASTECH UV69-PLUS printer enables corporate gifts businesses to meet their clients’ expectations to print personalised objects. Utilising 3 Epson XP600 printheads, this small size UV flatbed printer has the capability to print white, colour and varnish at once on a wide variety of surfaces and shapes. In addition, its double air-cooled UV lamp enhances the printing effect and dries the printing quickly.

Open Concept

The CASTECH UV69-PLUS's open concept gives operators better judgment of print progress, results and quality. Reducing the amount of waste, enhancing print volume capability and reducing unnecessary costs for the company.

Auto Height Adjustment / Higher Clearance
Eliminating human error of misjudging the height platen, the CASTECH UV69-PLUS is equipped with a sensor for auto adjustment of height platen, providing operators and users a higher clearance and print directly up to 180mm object, further expanding the capabilities that conventional UV printers are able to manage.

Rotary Option Available
With a clearance of up to 180mm, the CASTECH UV69-PLUS's expanded capabilities is able to include a rotary as an optional add-on, enabling business owners to customize water bottles to thumb-drives - all with one machine.

Product Brochure

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