iECHO BK Series Cutter
iECHO BK Series Cutter
iECHO BK Series Cutter

iECHO BK Series Cutter

The Next Generation Has Arrived

The next generation of high-speed digital cutting has arrived. The iECHO BK Series is a high speed, single layer material cutting system with the ability to perform full / kiss cuts, engraving, v-grooves, creasing, marking, and other processes accurately and automatically.

The BK's cutting system provides solutions for automated production in various industries - home / car interior fabrication, advertising, home furnishings, composite materials and more, for its precise, flexible, and efficient features.

Over the years, the BK Series has seen numerous upgrades including:

  • More stable frame

Utilizing high strength welding technology, the BK's frame is now made using 12mm thick steel, with its body frame weighing 600kg. As a result, its frame strength is now 30% stronger enabling the BK to achieve high intensity and long-term production capabilities.

  • Quieter Functioning Machine

iECHO has developed the BK series with the intention to operate with minimal noise pollution. The iECHO BK is able to achieve an operating noise as low as 65 decibels thanks to the company's new generation mute system and silent box. As a result, the working environment will now be more quiet and comfortable. 

  • More Powerful Suction Capability

The iECHO BK's cutting table adopts an aviation aluminum table - known for being very stable and flat. Along with it, the BK is also equipped with individual vacuum suction function - reducing the total electrical consumption. Lastly, the strength of the BK's airflow of the vacuum pump has increased by 25% - further increasing the suction strength.

  • Higher Cutting Speed

Efficiency has always been the main pursuit in material processing. Hence, with all the upgrade that the iECHO BK series have received, it now has a cutting speed between 1500mm/s - 1800mm/s. This improvement in speed leads to the improvement of working efficiency, enabling organizations to gain more advantageous positions in the ever-competitive industries.

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