iECHO PK 75 Series Sheet Feed cutter
iECHO PK 75 Series Sheet Feed cutter
iECHO PK 75 Series Sheet Feed cutter

iECHO PK 75 Series Sheet Feed cutter

The Perfect Sheet Feed Cutting Equipment 

The iECHO PK75 Series is a flatbed auto sheet feed cutting equipment for those in the advertising, manufacturing, gift personalisation, and packaging industry. With the ability to create die cut, kiss cut, creasing, and marking, the iECHO PK75 is an essential equipment in the various industries.

The iECHO PK 75 Series comes equipped with a fully automatic sheeting feeding system and vacuum suctioned conveyor belt system to make the iECHO PK 75 Series a truly a production and more efficient when it comes to free functioning digital cutting equipment for stickers, vinyl, and more.

The cost-effective smart cutting solution comes in 6 models - PK64, PK75, PK64 Plus, and PK75 Plus.

All PK Plus series grants business owners the ability to cut thicker materials/substrates such as kapaline, foam board and corrugated boards with the addition of an oscillating tool.

The most efficient cutting solution to help business owners increase productivity

 Machine Series PK75 PK75 Plus
Cutting Area  700 x 530 mm 700 x 530 mm
Floor Area 2600 x 1000 x 1150 mm 2600 x 1000 x 1150 mm
Cutting Tool Universal Cutting Tool, Creasing Wheel,
Kiss Cut Tool
Oscillating Tool, Universal Cutting, Creasing
Wheel, Kiss Cut Tool
Cutting Material Vinyl, Art Card, PP Paper, Reflective Material KT Boar d, PP P aper, Foam Board, Vinyl, Reflective
Material, Art Card, Plastic Sheet, Corrugatated
Board, Grey Board, Corrugated Plastic, ABS
Board, Magnetic Sticker
Cutting Thickness <2mm <6mm
Suction System Vacuum System Vacuum System
Max Cutting Speed 1000 mm/s 1000 mm/s
Voltage 220v +- 10% 50Hz 220v +- 10% 50Hz
Power 4KW 4KW


Product Brochure
Read the full specifications for the PK75 Series here